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Affordable housing needs more thought

A sign strategically placed in town asking for support of Bluebird Village specifically targeting 1% and stating their lack of understanding of affordable housing and how it is the lifeline of a community is, in my opinion, disrespectful to everyone in the community.

First and foremost, every volunteer, business, member of the 1%, organization and worker is part of the lifeline of this wonderful community. Each group or individual brings something unique to the table, which is what makes our community so special.

Affordable housing is critical, but there has been no clear direction articulated by the council and mayor. Also, projects such as Fourth Street with no parking were not well thought-out. For the last few years, the message sent by the mayor, P&Z and council is that when presented with evidence that might undermine their own opinions, they ignored the community and stuck to their own beliefs (Marriott Hotel, changing or ignoring zoning laws, height restrictions, traffic and parking problems).


By all means, affordable housing (a la Bluebird Village) is critical, but it must include rentals along with leases, parking consideration, zoning and common sense. Focus on the issue as opposed to lectures or critical signage is required.

Larry Meads


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