What Is The KCDC?

What is the KCDC?

Per the City, the Ketchum Community Development Corporation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization formed by Ketchum community members. Its website is ketchumkcdc.com.

However, the KCDC defines itself a bit differently on its website:

"The Ketchum Community Development Corporation (KCDC) is a 501c(3) non­profit organization formed by the leaders of the City of Ketchum in July 2006 as part of an overall revitalization plan that also included a Downtown Master Planning exercise and the formation of the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency (KURA). To enhance our vibrant community and quality of life by leveraging public and private resources to foster economic, cultural, and environmental sustainability. Complete projects with a focus on Affordable Workforce Housing, Town Design and Infrastructure, Economic Development and Sustainable Energy. The KCDC’s mission is to implement and manage strategic programs necessary to:

  • Support Ketchum Downtown revitalization as defined in the Downtown Master Plan

  • Create adequate affordable workforce housing in collaboration with the City of Ketchum, KURA and other appropriate entities

  • Facilitate sustainable community development practices via adoption of leading edge alternative energy systems, technology and environmental management practices

  • Attract a variety of resources to support mission ­oriented programming and collaborate as appropriate with other community development entities in this process

  • Build partnerships with government and other appropriate organizations to accomplish common goals

  • Engage and educate citizens actively in the accomplishment of these goals

  • The KCDC will work collaboratively with the City of Ketchum, KURA and other appropriate agencies to address Downtown Master Plan priorities. With affordable workforce housing as a primary responsibility, KCDC will acquire land (and/or land rights) as appropriate to accomplish this mission."

Why is KCDC a concern?

  • Despite its name, only one of the standing officers of KCDC is Ketchum resident

  • It is partly funded by Ketchum taxpayers. The City Council votes on how much to fund it.

  • However, the KCDC is not accountable to the taxpayers or residents or voters of Ketchum. It self-selects its own officers.

  • The KCDC was not current in its state filings. It brought its filings up to date in November 2020 when Bluebird was awarded the tax credits.

  • It appears like the KCDC is a bit of a shell non-profit corporation that fronts for a for profit developer, GMD.

  • According to its Federal filings, its officers work only 8 hours per month (collectively) on KCDC business.

  • Its substantial activities are Northwoods Place (a GMD development) and now Bluebird (a GMD development).

  • Prior to his election as Mayor, Neil Bradshaw was the executive director of KCDC.

  • The Downtown Master Plan is no longer in force. It was superseded by the Comprehensive Plan of 2014

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